Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2014

NEVER GIVE UP!!~by Tiya Rai




When Mind have no answers..
When life seem to be clueless..
When vision towards life seem to get blur..
When heart knows that nothing can be done..
When all ways seem to get blocked…
When tears dry up from eyes…
When dissapointments holds tight…
When Pains have broken till its extreme…
When being individual seem to loose own identity…
When low self esteem holds one back….
When courage looses all its value….
When trust on others fades…
Then somewhere within the Heart Prays…
When One’s self searches for some magical ray…
Then Almighty surely holds the soul and shows some way..
God gives its presence felt when it again regenerates us..
Again to stand and face all the troubles With a brave heart…
God resolves all doubts within us and helps to strengthen up…
No more then Life seem to be Hard…
Then struggles tend to be part of living….
With A faith that god is always with us….
Inner conscience seem now again the strength to fight back….
Then heart says its me who can make the impossible get possible…
I can’t loose the strength within me to achieve..
Dont know from where got heavenly strength to standup..
Somewhere that Almighty was there with me…
Now i got to know that let this journey be tough but I know if I have the will I can win !!!!

Written by Tiya Rai
@All Rights Reserved

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