Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2014





How frequent my insanity was
How eager I was to go faraway
How fervent my hatred for this house
For its vastness, with no hint
That help will come from elsewhere
To save my drowning soul.

Then one day came a soft music
And pirouetted into my heart
In its velvet lined cotton toes
Its symphony floated to my ears
No longer to usher in idle noises
But to add rhythm to my heartbeat.
And I was a child again!

It supplied a terrific model
Of what a person could be,
Should be, and yet rarely is
Which brilliance and charms,
Acceptance, willing to listen
And competence in inspiring.

This is why I find it necessary
To suggest that all researches
Should strive to discover
The rational order in music
And the harmony it imposses
Upon the world when reigning

For what can be more important
Than the risings and fallings
In the tones of musical notes.

Since the world is full of choking gasses
That are not less capable
Of driving its inhabitants insane,
Having no other inner stabilizer
We must breath through music
And sneeze through music.

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