Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2014

LUST VERSES LOVE~by Gilford Luvai




After just a short coincidence
Lust pours, and all at once
But love happens in harmony
When a long time anticipation
Tumbles upon an opportunity.

While lust is the triumph,
Of a random fantasy over logic
Love is a canvas, polished by nature
And decorated by puffs of logics.

So when I met her by coincidence
Her smile rose into prominence
And as my agitation of mind increased
So did my general indiscretions.

One day she looked at me straight
And without giving any consideration
To her personal shyness, she said,
Let’s make our lust our warmness!
But just mere lusts alone,
Aren’t permanent warmnesses!

She further listed stars and moons
Leaving barely a room for the heart.
And through logic I came to know
What her smiling lips couldn’t tell.

Then a random strange light
Began to fall light by light
Upon her guilty secrets
And after chasing wild dreams,
I’m into golf and music these days
That’s the difference a word made.

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