Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2014

‘Reflections on life’~by Mary Cecil



‘Reflections on life’

Would I live my life again
For all those great moments
The pinnacles of happiness and joy
That swept in so unexpectedly

The drift of inertia
In the hands of random fate
Or the grasping of opportunities
That flowed or receded so unpredictably

Those choices of this or that
Those tiny imperceptible decisions
That waft and stuff of life
Those storms that moulded

The joy of living in the moment
The paroxysms of tragedy
That wrenched my soul in defeat
Or the glimpses of soaring heaven

Who can say in all their regrets
Or sorrows in the tumult
That we would retreat
From life’s uncertainty

Yet still I would rather have been
For all the greatness of those moments
Which tipped the balance
Of my being

Mary Cecil.
Some retrospection on the meaning of life.

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