Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2014

“Another year, a new year”~by Chitra Nagesh



“Another year, a new year”

Another year of the time machine is passing by,
Paving way to a new one, with new hopes..

The deeds done in the past can’t be undone.
But not irreparable, given the will to do so..

We take new decisions and make new resolutions
for only heaven knows the place they reach..

The hip of celebrations is seen everywhere..
with different plans to invite the new year

Some plan to celebrate with friends,
to float in a state of sedation..

While others prefer it alone,
enjoying by themselves, with their own devices…

Televisions flare with news and stories
of successes and failures and…. disasters..

The sky is lit with crackling fireworks
and houses engulfed in laughter with excitement..

New expectations arise, with the new arrival
new doors open up, as we all do believe..

Mankind makes new leaps year after year
enhancing in intellect, in search of a new light

Another year is approaching in this era
one that would bring glory and peace..

such is the mantra of survival
the hope that tomorrow will be better..

All days will glisten and all years glitter
If we look forward to it, with cheer and optimism..

Happy 2015

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