Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2014

CHURCH BELL~by Akan Udofia




Waiting patiently for the church bell to ring
The heart is purged with burdens within
Its been years I made my last confession
The world around me is flooded with commotion
I couldn’t plant a seed and watch it grow
I couldn’t keep sin away from my soul

I need spend the whole night praying
For the sun to shine back in my life from dieing
Its beautiful being among people with so much passion
Appreciating God with beautiful songs and hymns in reception
There is white a painting on the walls in my life
Everyday the world is filled with dreams fighting to survive

But no clouds to shade away the storms from one’s life
On the pulpit struggles and challenges I will leave
And walk away back home a renewed man relief
With joy, God’s love and nothing else to grieve
Ease the love forgotten due to pains, neglects and strife
So trees can grow again leaving within the heart a renewed life

Someday on the altar I am going to sing
Praises to His name and render a new song
For He made the world find peace amidst the storm
He alone can call a condemned and dieing heart back home
And can chased out the nightmares from our day
For if man is lost, through His son Jesus Christ will find a way

Copyright Akan E. Udofia 2014

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