Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2014





From an existence so empty and hollow
From a path that is too steep to follow
From pain and regrets we can’t help wallow
From life’s truths that are bitter to swallow
The road to success starts with a dream

From the curse of always being an outcast
From the ghosts of a dark and murky past
From life’s opportunities that fade so fast
From life’s races that we always finish last
The spirit to fight on starts with a dream

From the efforts that continue to be fruitless
From a life that’s purposed to be meaningless
From life’s woes that render us powerless
From the despair that deem us worthless
The strength to endure starts with a dream

From the shadows of our greatest demise
From the very damnation of our own devise
From the darkness that eclipse the sunrise
From the many faults of which we comprise
The power to overcome starts with a dream

From the wolves that hide their true form
From life’s blows and grey clouds that storm
From fears of transcending from the norm
From closed minds to changes and reform
The hope of tomorrow starts with a dream

From the circumstances beyond our control
From our weakness where many evil’s patrol
From all addictions, sex, drugs and alcohol
From our ignorance of the divine and astral
The victory in battle starts with a dream

By Bernard Owor


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