Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2014

Oh! What a pleasure it is,~by Chitra Nagesh



Oh! What a pleasure it is,

Oh! What a pleasure it is,
to remain calm and stare at the trees.

To listen to Nature’s sound
to watch the birds fly around..

In the continuous race of life, we strive
not taking time to relax and revive

The temporary joys and sudden sadness
leave no man from their madness

We complain, whine and worry about
For the problems throw us into a bout..

I sit alone and wonder, silent and tranquil,
Isn’t there a solution to all this? A kind of magic, a spell ??

Of all things we search for, in life’s chase,
If I may ask, my fellow humans, where’s peace?

Silence is boring, said many…
Here me say, it is the sweetest, unlike any..

To get the best out of the mind’s paradise,
In solitude, think and thoughts flow to your surprise..

Truly, a pleasure it is !!!
To remain silent with the world around you freeze…

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