Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2014





Whose frail hands created you!
Pygmalion cried
“O my love, an art ever have I made!
The moon has fallen on her face
The lips are petals with morning dew
Weave out spring quivering in songs,
The brightness of summer-sun in eyes
The whispering zephyr plays in curly hair
“But o my love! You are only an art
Icy is your lips when I plant a kiss!’’
Pygmalion in his mounting spirit
Flamed a prayer in his heart,
“O goddess of love! O Aphrodite!
Grant me a beauty of flesh and blood
Like the art that I have made “.
But there was nobody any where
Face sparkling like waves in sun
Teeth as white as pearl
The bosom like blossoms of spring
“O Pygmalion, a treasure you have the best
The heaven is jealous, the earth is in wonder
Never moldered for decay!”
Pygmalion possessed a lover’s heart
Fervent in passion of its wild fire,
What else the goddess could do!
Lo! A magic spell over the sculpture blew
What a wildest thrall!
A woman the art became, a lover’s dream
“Galatea” burst in a madrigal rarest of the rare
Pygmalion possess a lover’s eye
Not the soul to sing immortality of art.

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