Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2014

WHO AM I?~by Richard LaRue Barlow




Every tomorrow leaves every yesterday in tatters
Is it the end that matters
or the path we take to get there?
Each of us holds just one piece of existence
whether we choose persistence
or consent to strip our soul bare
there is but one question inside every mind
Who am I?

Perhaps it is our sole purpose to belong
to write our own song
and contribute to the composition
though within us burns only free desire
a voracious fire
for understanding and redemption
and still one question remains alive
Who am I?

The knowledge that we were given one chance
for one perfect dance
brings both confusion and spite
for the sand continues to fall
and the earth still calls
for every soul’s wretched demise
and our wonder continues to thrive
Who am I?

Willful exuberance blinds free spirit
from the whole of life’s true merit
and leaves us in captive embrace
decisions awash with broken dreams
and vibrant gleams
of the constant illusion of grace
but the awesome reality still shines
Who am I?

Upon the stoop of failing faith
remains debate
of what life really brings
and inside our broken spirits live
though not ours to give
the lyrics that we all must sing
and until we’ve found our voice of rhyme
we still ask: Who am I?

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