Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015





The earth a white-seeming globe
Has scattered specks and flakes
That gather together, grow
Then spread into one wonder
Of a magnificent greenness.

The green cotton like grass
Acts as a carpet for sunlight,
The daffodils and hyacinths,
Line up on the streaming sun’s paths
To make the afternoon sun
Glorify a wide range of landscape.

These brightness then stack up
Into a massive heap of splendors
Which rise above and throw their shadows
Up upon the hill and the sky
To give them a greater brilliance.

Clouds hang above like wools
Then bend down and sing love
Exalting the hues of morning
And the heavenly blue.

These, serve to rekindle the earth
As it joins other planets
In singing and circling around the sun.

If we therfore describe the earth
As just a mere boring asterisk
With no hint of hope,no life,
Or a dead rock for astronomers
We’re simply describing the deadness
And the unbearable emptiness
Within our dead souls.

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