Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015

I Learnt From The Best~by Gilford Luvai



I Learnt From The Best

All I knew is that she was she
And that I was I
On opening the door to her house
What I could see , I saw.
And what I felt, I felt.

There was a soft music
Infesting the whole house
With a refreshing homeness.
I then stopped to listen
To the inside breeze
Sweep her radiant perfume
Across the fleecy air of the night.

Up up, the long delirious stillness
Is where our silence
Remained sustained
Not even a fly dared to fly by
Or even a pebble fall on the floor.

But this being a place like any other
It wasn’t free from world forsakers
Her warmness faded with suddenness
Vanishing into the emptiness
Thus, another dark gray day
It was becoming for me.

Like any other insensitive person
Who offers you a lodgement
When the sun is shining
Then as soon as it starts raining
Kicks you out into the rain.
I was tossed into the rainy night.

I hadn’t even made a conclusion
That what my eyes had seen
Was what should have been,
But wasn’t
And that I’d entered a lodgement
That wasn’t a house
And listened to delicious lies
That wasn’t music.
Anyway,I’d hoped them to be
And it’s this hope that counts.

I then folded my tent of hopes
And marched into the night
Where I was bathed with rain
That came at a quickened pace
Ignoring of my foolish innocence.
And silently I had to steal away
Into the expansive emptiness.

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