Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015

Imagine…~by Britta Hoffmann




imagine a beautiful place
any place you’d like to be
no troubles there you need to face
you’re happy at the beauty you can see

try to relax, breathe in and out
you’re not here anymore
just let your spirit move about
look if you get to see some more

you can visit everywhere
simply by using your mind
and you’ll find everything you need right there
because there’s nothing that you left behind

you can be whoever you like to be
imagine whatever you want to
you can set your mind free
and do whatever you want to do

you can change your point of view
and stay as long as you wish to be there
maybe you’ll find out something you never knew
just by imagining to be high up in the air

maybe you get to know yourself better than before
find out something about the person you really are
maybe you should try to get to know them more
and maybe for that you don’t even have to go very far

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