Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015

Kingdom of Heart~by Jessabelle Autumn



Kingdom of Heart

Your heart
Is a wonderful blessing land
With a white silky sand
Feels like in the Garden of Eden
In here, I’m a fairy maiden

Your heartbeat is my melody
Echoes throughout the galaxy
The reason my heart is beating
With your rhythm I am dancing

My heart
Used to be a dry desert
Filled with all the worthless dirt
Until you poured the water of hope
Planting the seed of love across the globe

Growing the root of love
You’re an angel sending from above
Turning my heart into a wonderland
A place that we called our neverland

Our heart
Is the kingdom of affection
Being conquered by the ultimate passion
Rules by you the king of desire
And I’m the queen bowing down to you my Sire



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