Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015

“Land Of Love And Peace”~by Arshad Shahid



“Land Of Love And Peace”

There must be a Land of love & Peace
Where every one can live with grace
Neither any distinction of cast nor race
Neither status mania nor any fame craze

Never grow hate among the religions
Never exist superiority among nations
Never ignite wars between regions
Citizens be symbol of care & cohesions

Only rule & law must show it’s power
No one can dare crime & not it’s favor
Even to imagine crimes make shiver
Every one must obey truth and deliver

Hate among the residents, no get way
All take care of each other, every day
Solve each other problem & make pray
All do love, have love & spread love ray

Bloodshed out of thinking out of dictionary
Woman rape out of mind out of history
Child-labour must get end with it’s chemistry
Poverty ever get die and be no more mystery

Religions address love & respect of humanity
Rulers deliver human rights and true equality
Countries provide health, food and security
All should work hard for destiny with sincerity

Every one get prompt and true justice proudly
Institutes must follow ethics & deal very kindly
Media must show maturity and act very friendly
Governments must facilitate people candidly

Public can do accountability of rulers fearlessly
No one can escape from rule and law furiously
Happiness & glee reach to every door heavenly
World ever become paradise very auspiciously

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