Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015

“That is why I stroll”~by Divya Singh Raghuvanshi

My very first attempt to poetry, and hopefully not the last.
This below, I title:


“That is why I stroll”

Unnoticed, that emotion.
Deep, those feels.
Brave, the heart.
Immortal, the soul.

That is how I roll.
That is why I stroll.

Flamboyant, have been nothing.
Sober, mine everything.
Compassionate, forever.
Insolent, never.

There may be thousands a dust bowl.
But that is why I stroll.

Rhymes, I play hardly with.
Patterns, not my cup of tea.
Randomness, that is what I cherish.
Uncanny, my much felt niche.

And though I poet stuff less,
A great getting-away, without a goal.
And though I prefer a mess,
But that is why I stroll.

*amateur write-up*

Peace out.


  1. Very good .

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