Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2015

THE DEED OF AGREEMENT~by Indira Sadanandan




God appeared to Abram at his age of ninety three
And told,’I am the Almighty,I am going to make a deed of
Agreement with you.
I will give a vast generation of people for you in future,
You will become father to an enormous number of people
You will not be called Abram ,henceforth your name
Is Abraham and I will be God for you and your future
Generations of people.
In this agreement I am the first party,and you the second party
This agreement between us will be bound to your coming generations
As well ,.you and your generations should obey my orders
I will give this land,Canaan for you and your future generations.
It will be theirs for ever and I will be God for them.
And in return , this deed of agreement will be stamped
With an eternal mark in your flesh,and for that
It is inscribed herein that,you the second party and your people,
All the male members should cut the skin,at the end of your body
That all the male members should undergo the act of circumcision
And in case of a breach of contract from any member
He will be outcasted from the society.


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