Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 5, 2015

HAIKU OF AWAKENING~by Alfonso Martínez Pretel




Sense The sheer it
Of the yawning words at dawn
A new love promise.

Then every sunray
Draws back the bleary curtains
To show eyes rushing.

Towards daily chores
Where bright infatuation
Makes the efforts smile.

And while undressing
Of recent dreams in Night clothes,
Nudities whisper.

Bodies understand
How cloaked glances write a verse
To remind all day.

Through these few minutes,
A whole pleasant life appears
Or dark death survives.

( sentid beauty Pura
The words that bostezan at the crack of dawn
A new promise of love.

So every Ray of sun
Descorre curtains legañosas
To show eyes apresurándose.

Towards the quehaceres daily
Where the enamoramiento bright
Makes efforts to smile.

And while you desvisten
The dreams of the recent in clothes out of sleep,
The desnudeces whisper.

The bodies understand
How the eyes disguised write a verse
To remember all of the day.

Through these next few minutes,
It appears an entire life pleasant
O death, dark survives.)

( The tatami seeded )

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