Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 6, 2015

++++++++++ HOW IT FEELS +++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++++ HOW IT FEELS +++++++++++

I understand
People are born to die
Someday or other
Creating memories
No matter good or bad
All their life
For their loved ones
Still I find it
Difficult to accept
When my best buddy
My true source of energy
My real inspiration
And my support system
Left me alone
Leaving a great void
In my life
I am helpless to tell
How it feels
But deep in my heart
It’s hurting a lot
Making me feel nervous
And quite emotional
Reminding me about the time
We spent together
I know the truth
But don’t want to believe
What has happened
Tears behind my eyelids
For him in his absence
Prayers in my heart
For his soul to rest in peace
Still keeps alive
In my heart and mind
Our lovely relation
I do know
How it feels
But still I want to feel
The way I used to
When he was with me

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