Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 6, 2015

Life is a Journey~by Mac Adrone Adonay



Life is a Journey

We travel different places
Where each is unlike the other
Walking through a million paces,
Pushing forward, driving harder
Each of us is on life’s races
We’re striving to be a winner

Each path we cross teaches us a lesson
Bright or dark day, whatever the season

It’s not a paradise we always meet
Where Nature often seem so kind
Or a serene meadow below your feet
For there are thorns your soles will find
There are boulders rolling into our way
Obstacles come out to ruin the day

On a scorching hot desert we are brought
We dream of a winter’s cool breeze
Yet we are carried to the land of drought,
Breathing slowly without an ease
We look above, begging for direction
Finding a refuge ‘mid isolation

We encounter steep hills and high mountains
The road is challenging and rough
We face the trials and endure the pains
The adventure is long and rough
Hardships and tears are inevitable
But courage and hope are help in trouble

Yes, a roller coaster a life may seem
Sometimes we’re down, sometimes we’re up
To reach and touch the sky, we ride our dream
That it may carry us on top
Our actions create our destiny
Life is what we make it, it’ll always be

We are tossed to the waves of stormy seas
Billows push us into silence
Confronting the circumstance with worries,
We learn the value of patience
The journey imparts some thoughts that are deep
Open your souls, there are lessons to keep

Be positive and choose to be happy
Let not your heart quit, life is a journey.

Mac Adrone T. Adonay
© 2015

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