Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 6, 2015

THIS PHOTOGRAPH~by Gilford Luvai




A world with millions of water falls,
Diamonds the size of the moon,
And trillions of beautiful structures
Remade in man’s own image.

From a face overbearing such infinitives,
How can a copeck of a photograph
Still bear and mean so much?
One may wonder!

Well, that string of good history
That would have long been forgotten
Had it not been for this photograph
Is all contained in this it.

A man can be as malicious
As to stab holes into his heart,
Or drink poison to immunity,
I will readily understand.
But what difference will it make?

People have been chosing madness
To dilute depressions and heartaches
A technique too ordinary for me.
So, I choose to sit and smile
My eyes resting photograph wards.
At least for a slight change.

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