Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 7, 2015

MEMORY MOTEL~by Donall Dempsey




he burnt his draft card
she burnt her bra
they burnt their bridges

she was always Stones mannnnn
he a big Beatles fan
the only thing they argued over

took off for all that glittered
against their families’ wishes
they rolled their own

the War happened
on the telly
kicks in her belly

saw the 60’s through
saw through each other
divorced in ’72

divorce was now
the war
the long battle

he took the boy
she took the girl
hostages to love

the kids hated

he runs through women
she runs through men
like its some competition

the needle gathers fluff
riding the black shellac
her life badly scratched

the needle falls
upon the floor she
don’t know nothing no more

cleans her self up
kicks the habit
a health fanatic

becomes Mrs jones
Mrs. Jones

now somehow here
in 2000 & 2 they
do the wife&husband thing again

they’re happier this time ’round
he still a big Beatles fan
she still Stones…mannnnn!

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