Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 7, 2015

My Source Of Education~by Gilford Luvai



My Source Of Education

Have you ever, at any time
While looking at ocean waves,
Seen a wave coming forth
Like a fierce charging bull?
Or seen a wave rolling painfully,
Like a dying dinosaur?
Or even seen a wave standing,
Like God singing while curving clay?

Yes, I usually see these too.
Every day, I see ocean waves
Coming forth from their hiding,
No longer to just kiss the beaches
But also to tell me their version about the world.

When sounds of coming waves
Beat against the coastal cliffs
Like shutters of God opening.
I abandon what I was doing
And rush to the shore.
To thaw my vision,
From its endless wintering.

A lot of history about the world
Has piled in my small heart.
And I got it from having listened
And having talked to the waves.
Which are older than dinosaurs
And frightened with memories.

Please just do no be maddened
By my these visits to the shore
For if you do, you’ll do it again
Then you’ll have to do it again
And your madness will pile.

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