Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 9, 2015

++++++++++ TOUCHING MY HEART +++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++++ TOUCHING MY HEART +++++++++

When someone offers
What I need the most
That too
At the very last moment
When I expect it least
Gives me immense pleasure
And brings smile on my face
Touching my heart gently

When I don’t believe
Things meant to be believed
The very next moment
I find myself into a situation
Which forces me to believe
What I don’t believe
Making me feel like a fool
Touching my heart strangely

When I am confident & ready
To give my best shot
But at last
I end messing everything
As what I did
Emerges out to be my worst shot
Making me feel low
On energy and motivation
Touching my heart dramatically

When I know
I have something special
Do not know why
I lose it very next moment
It hurts me a lot
Proving me unlucky once more
Touching my heart sadly

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