Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2015

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 10th of January. Dads and other misdemeanours~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 10th of January.
Dads and other misdemeanours

What is it good for?
If it is given in haste,
Too late,
After the event,
When the moment has passed.
They go by so fast,
It is easy to miss them.
If all you see are
The mistakes
Waiting to happen.
Ever the critic,
Even when a kind word
Would be the balm
To heal an anxious child,
Standing in the wings,
Glancing past
The dewy eyed,
Sitting on the front row,
Trying to see his
Dad’s face.
With its …just
Get off my case…
Whether he was
Right or wrong.
It was always
The same old song.
Why bother at all?

It happens all the time
It is too much trouble
To make it.
He is still in the car,
Running out of a bar,
On the phone,
Like a dog with a bone.
Too busy to attend,
Until the curtain call,
And then pretend, he saw it all,
From the back,
And makes a crack,
About the sound not carrying.
How I need to project.
It made me grow up
Needing to protect
Even from nice people,
Wanting to bite,
Before being bitten.
It only stopped
When I was smitten.
But even then
I almost lost the plot.
Blew it all,
Everything, just gone to pot.
And it would have,
If she had not
I was worth the trouble.
Burst my bubble,
Set me free,
To be the man I want to be.
If only he had
Been the one
To see it in me.

I might have grown up sooner
Instead of being
This almost great, late bloomer.

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