Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2015





I call upon thee hearts of men
Oh countrymen and kinsmen
Of the less fortunate regimen
With only a dreamers acumen

Indeed ye of dreams forsaken
Time is now for you to awaken
In all demise don’t be shaken
For life’s blows must be taken

If your efforts bear no pollen
Endure the struggles befallen
Even when sour and swollen
Let not your hopes be stolen

Be you a wilting rose in a garden
To hardships a beast of burden
Where the soil tends to harden
And storms brewing in a sudden

If doors don’t open and spirits dampen
One must fight to make things happen
Never ever give up until the fruits ripen
Destiny is a claw only you can sharpen

By Bernard Owor


  1. I really like this! I’m going to include a link to this in a blog post this coming week. 💛

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  3. I posted about this poem on my blog here:
    Thank you!

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