Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2015

WARNING VERY DARK Possessed~by Spring Pitts





Knock, knock, knock
Who within darkness is hid
My beauty of gloom that’s who it is

With evil eyes that hypnotize
Feeling her smoldering breath upon tingling skin
Being weird is no sin

Oh how I long to be home again
Inside my bedroom where no light shines
There’s no fun outside these four walls of mine

Where my demonic and bloody lady calls
Hidden up under my be is where she stays
Where she loves and adores me till there’s no sun rays

Go down you glowing beast
Her lips I must taste
Bitter death upon sinful breath

Knock, knock, knock
The best of sounds within my head
She shows love like no other could

Scratches up and down my skin
I’ve been tainted by demonic sin
For her presence I would do anything

Viscous at times as she shoves me to the ground
And presses iced lips upon tender flesh
She is my one and only the one I love best

The only thing my eyes does feast
As she speaks of horrors down the street
How he strangled her lifeless

And left her mangled body badly beat
She tells she must go under my bed way down deep
For her my love I would do this deed

For her love is the fuel for my soul to consume
Anything for my love of the darkness I would do
I shall now kill this creep

Into an opened window I slip
Being quite as a mouse
Until he in my vision I spy

I crept to the bedroom
Where his lovely wife had closed her eyes
I smothered her with a pillow of rose pink

And stabbed her twice where she sleeps
Must ensure she could never speak
Here he came into this room

Where her lifeless body lay upon a bed now colored red
I stabbed him twice but couldn’t stop there
From head to toe fifty or sixty times I suppose

For her I turned this quaint little home
Into a blood wrenching massacre
Upon the wall hung a painting of him

A man of the cloth I did kill
For a demon I did this evil without a thought
Now back to the dark of my room

Is where I will wait for a knock, knock, knock
From that dark place beneath my bed
Where my demonic beauty has always hid

She’ll share her whispers within my ears
She kisses my lips with ice cold breath
And showers my face with bloody tears

Now she pleads to me to silence another
For her eyes bleed of sin as I gaze within
She reeks of dead blood as it runs onto ashy white skin

How many rules must I bend
Before her possessed heart will mend
Her maliciously evil deed I will do

As I’ll wait for her to knock, knock, knock up under my bed to
For my heart is within her clutches
As my withering soul she now possesses

Spring Pitts 1/7/2015

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