Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 11, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now~by Gilford Luvai



I Can See Clearly Now

Nature is an errant wife.
When I remind her
That I don’t eat crumbled eggs,
She brings me crumbled eggs.
When I complain about my diabetes,
She adds sugar to my tea.

When I’m tired of strolling
I look sky wards and say,
If only I had harley to race on!
And there! Nature brings sunshine!

Like a fish in a desert,
Knowing the intensity of my faith.
I put on a rain cot
For a slight provocation of my faith
And I will be covered to the brim,
In the glory of the rain.

But instead, what nature brings
Is a life full of humanism
Polished and decorated
By tiny fragments of laughter.
And moral connotations.

Then I curse and say
How I loathe to be dictated!
How I detest to be given
Only the things I don’t ask
Nature is so sovereign anyway.

But till the final call of death.
Will nature and I part.
For now my duty is to love her
And do nothing at all
That would contradict her wishes.

Forever she will continue
To give me not what I want.
But precisely what I need.
Then I feel disappointed
And equally appointed.

Thus, my life’s story is a fine art,
Made beautifully in nature’s own image.
Which I’ve incorrectly edited.
Replacing all full stops
With question marks.

After realizing all these
I run out of long breaths
I also get panic attacks.
So quietly and secretly
I revise the story again
Carefully replacing all full stops
In their rightful places.

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