Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 12, 2015

A letter from a father to a son~by Raymond Chifundo Magangani



A letter from a father to a son

Dear son
I know you are doing just fine
whether you are not
But learn to be a man
Son Life is not always like alphabet
A birthday cake
But sometimes life is bitter and sour
like lemon
So you have got to make a lemonade
And have a party
Love those around you
Hate none
And trust a few
And when you sleep
Sleep with one eye open
Don’t be curious that much
For that’s what killed the cat
Be a captain of your own ship
Hold you compass
Don’t let it slip
For there are oceans full of storms to sail
Reserve your strength
To climb the highest mountain
Till you reach its peak
Learn to fly even without wings
Until you touch the sky

But don’t you ever look down on those who are at the bottom of the bottom
For someday you will come down
as they will be going up
For you can not defile the order of gravity
What goes up must always come down
With this letter son
My eyes are eager to see your face
and my arms are wide open
To wrap you once more again
Am longing for your warm embrace
east, west
Home is the best

Yours faithfully
Lovely father

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