Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 12, 2015

Comforter Of Anything~by Gilford Luvai



Comforter Of Anything

It was sweet to listen quietly
To the soft winds creep past
Safely lifting me higher up,
To the most amazing views.

Above me where I stood
Lay a lonely white cloud
Cradled near the sun.
Below my feet, woolen grass
Silhouetted against purple roses.

The winds, smooth in sails
Uplifted the spirit within me
And together with them,
We floated from petal to petal
That even while in this motions
I felt a quieting rest.

This trails with the wind
Dangerously flew us higher
Into and above that blue sky.
Based above the sea of clouds.

I looked at the woolen cumulus,
And they told me that nimbus,
Was at the other end.

I looked at nimbus, so inert
She gave me the same essence
That which only art can achieve
Which is genuine permanence.
Oh, quiet comforting meadows!
How will I ever forget you?

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