Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 12, 2015

Dreaming To Tell~by Gilford Luvai



Dreaming To Tell

Although it would be astonishing
If they all went out at once.
And when the world’s monologues
All end in world heritage
And desire is no longer stirred.
I retreat back to my nest.

All the darknesses of the night
Can be found in this night. But the brightness of a smile
Is found in the memories.

I wonder what I’d be doing,
With all these colds and darknesses
Without the warm memories
I carry along from my escapades.

I then put my head on the pillow
And ponder upon memories
With a passion put to use
That causes me to me feel
Perpetually, young until I don’t
And passionately fine until I’m not.

I can hear those scurrilous-
Tree to tree chirpings,
Fluttering among the leaves of Autumn.
They’re ghosts of butterflies!
Which we watched in that garden.
And leaf upon leaf, their wings fluff,
With qualities that capture my soul.

So the north and south poles
Lands which endure the severity.
Of mean summers and winters
At least have spring and autumn
To be thankful for
As for me, I rejoice
That my soul hasn’t grown old
And become too cold.


  1. fantastic…absolutely fantastic. Thank you for your words that brought nostalgia into my mind and soul…perfect.

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