Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 16, 2015

MIND ::A DICTIONARY..?~by Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas”




Dictionary of pleasures, pains?
Strange the swirls of mind,
Mysterious twists and turns,
Heart power, sense perception,
Memories, imaginations
Process of thinking, learning,
Intelligence, amorous feeling,
Passionate understanding
Beauteous concentration
Of my mind, sensations,
Faculty of consciousness
Attraction, ability to love
Reasoning, judgement
I ask my inner illusions,
Sometime intellect, wit, reason,
Unlike objects of senses,
Mind have no seprate organ
Invisible power of human,
Contemplating, nervous systems.
Forcing me follow her directions.
Sparking her instructions
Dictating, my amorous senses ?
Soothing my painful sessions!!

©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas”,.. 21-11-2014./ Edited on 16-01-2015


  1. great rhyming poetry
    just how poems used to be

    the beauty of words you have shown hear
    lovely poetry written so clear

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