Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 18, 2015

DREAMSCAPE~by Eva Marie Dunlap




Fantasy or reality I wonder, “Is this all imagined?”
This space in time, ” Do these feelings evolve,
From our reality or are they conjured up in make believe?”
Dreamscape a place we go in our mind
There lyes the dreamer within hidden from you.
Living in the dreamland of our minds…
Traveling to familiar places where love is bestowed
In the moonlight…
Where people are peacemakers of dreamland.
Compassionate and full of passion filled
Fantasies of their dream worlds reality.

Dreamscape we go there in our mind
In the minutes we are alone,
And when we feel lonely.
At night when we sleep
And in our daydreams too…
Our own fantasy world within our reality.
“Is it real or make believe?”
These emotions experienced in our

This embracing of time
This created global warming of our souls…
Crossing over into
Each others shared dreams,
These moments left lingering in us
Hanging onto our hearts and minds.
Come now enter into mine!

(C) Eva Marie Ann Dunlap (Cagley)
All Rights Reserved

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