Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 18, 2015

TRUTH WITHIN~by Eva Marie Dunlap




Search deep inside far and beyond
Into the realm of reality,
Grasp hold of your thoughts and feelings
Squish them like play dough in your hand
Mix the colors of red and blue.

There lies within the color green, truth.
Can’t grasp hold of thin air
It surrounds you and is everywhere…
But deep within the air you breathe
Lyes the road to your destiny.

Journeys are many never one
Testing ourselves once they have begun,
Yet that journey within only you can hold…
Face yourself and behold truth
Deney at will and lie to only self.

You think other’s don’t see the books on your shelf
You hide behind lies of truth that you make believe
Living each lie to deceive, but in the end when
Your youth is spent
And the journey is slow to where you have already went
There you shall seek the truth within…

And question seriously whom you call friend,
Stand with mirror looking only at self
Try then to rearrange the shelf,
The books now dusty all worn with age
You sit alone now counting the days…

And wonder where the time has went
Where once the journey came to a fork in the road.
You took the one well traveled and known
And I the other in search of my own peace
Held hand out just within your reach…

And truth escaped you once again.
As you continue to lie to those you even call friend.
My road was full of pansies growing wild by the road,
Your road full of thorn bushes and pressed pansies.
My road shimmering nuggets delight.

Yours held gray rocks broken and old.
But once you stood there as I’ve heard the story told,
In search of those that lay sleeping in your bed.
Turned your head to deney even to self
The feelings you hide them all in books on your shelf.

Picking up the Webster Dictionary and there read
The description to truth to self,
“Sincerity, honesty conforming with fact.”
Reality, actual existence, correctness, accuracy
And that which is true…
With some ponder of thought you read these words.

Closed the book neatly tucked back on shelf
Searching no more for the answers you sought.
And now you have second thoughts
Twas a start of a journey you never knew.
And you could not see the sunshine anew.

And one day you realized the truth you sought
Was found within the word you called faithful.
A word you felt you never knew.
Afraid to embrace the journey of life,
Afraid of disappointment and strife.

Once again you take out dictionary in hand,
“Loyal, Consciences, Accurate, Reliable, Sincerity, Honesty.”
And there you find those very words held within too.
“Sincerity, Accurate, Honesty, Truth and Faithful.”
You see we both traveled the same road.

The years keep going as you wither away.
There you stand again at the fork in the road.
Knowledge within the secrets unfold.
Which way now to go?
One less traveled by as Frost once did, or a familiar one.

Start to believe in yourself, ignoring not
That voice strong contained…
“Belief, Truth, Reality, Truth…”
These words again repeat, Truth, Real…
Words put together that all spell one.

Truth, Accurate, Real, Faithful, Truth, Honesty…
Thus now the word play is put to rest
For you now to determine did you pass the test?
Around through the maze, the color green
Into the realm of your inner being.
What color lies within there now do you see?
Blue, Yellow, or Green?

(C) Eva Marie Dunlap ( Cagley)
All Rights Reserved

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