Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2015

Destination America~WISCONSIN~by rldubour

Monday!!! nearing the end of our journey across America today we visit (in alpha order) the great state of:



The residents are called Wisconsinites.
The motto of this state is “Forward.”
So if we are going to do this right
For history we must go backwards!


The origin of the state name is derived
From the French version of Ojibwa.
The nickname is the Badger State;
The state fossil is Calymene Celebra.


This state’s mineral is the galena.
The Sugar maple is the tree.
The state bird is the robin
And the insect is the honey bee.


Snowmobile trails total 15,210 miles
Cross-country ski racing between Cable.
And Hayward is the largest on the
North American continental table.


It is the leader in the nation for the most
Milk produced and that is how they rate.
And at Fox River in 1882 the first hydro-
Electric plant is built in the United States.


With 7,446 streams and rivers
End-to-end they’d stretch 26,767 miles.
An average of 2,500 performers Milwaukee’s
Music festival will bring you smiles.


Barbie Millicent Roberts is her full name
For the doll Ruth Handler had created.
Two years later Mattel makes Ken
Since 1960 Ken and Barbie have only dated.


The National fresh water fishing hall of Fame

in Hayward is shaped like a Muskie.

And the home of the “Boss Hog” Harley Davidson

is found only in Milwaukee.


The house on the rock, considered an Architectural

marvel raising many eyebrows.

This 14-room house covers over 200 acres

And the Infinity room has 3,264 windows!


Tom Snyder and Douglas MacArthur

Wopat, Heiden and Don Ameche

Houdini, Wright and Derleth

Pee Wee King and Liberace.


Statehood, May 29, 1848 the 30th state.

Capital is Madison



Origin of State Name: The name is derived from the French version of an Ojibwa term that may mean “gathering of the waters” or “place of the beaver.” Nickname for State: The Badger State. The name refers to miners, among the state’s first settlers, who lived in mine shafts or dug their homes out of hillsides, as badgers do. The American Birkebeiner, a 52K cross-country ski race between Cable and Hayward, is the largest on the North American continent. With an average of 2,500 performers, Milwaukee’s Summer fest is the nation’s largest music festival The House on the Rock was designed and built in the early 1940s. It is considered an architectural marvel and is perched on a 60-foot chimney of rock. The 14-room house is now a complex of rooms, streets, buildings, and gardens covering over 200 acres. The Infinity Room contains 3,264 windows. The Winnebago, Menominee, and Dakota Indians lived in Wisconsin when the first French explorer arrived in 1634. Jean Nicolet landed along the shore of Green Bay while striving to reach China from French Canada. Fur traders and missionaries arrived about 25 years later. The first pioneers that settled in the Plains faced Indians and unfriendly land. The desire to own a home and land to raise a family gave the settlers the determination to brave the difficult conditions. The scarcity of water and timber for fuel and shelter, plus extreme weather conditions, made life hard and lonely. Bitter winters found the settlers desperate for fuel. Buffalo hunters had found that buffalo chips could be used for fuel. Most of the buffalo were gone by the time the settlers came, so they had to rely on the “cow chip” for furnishing fuel to cook their food and warm their homes. When dry, the chips were odorless, gave a clean, bright flame and burned with intense heat, without soot. Chips were gathered and stored for the winter as autumn approached. The cow chip was a life-sustaining utility and was often used in trade for food or anything the pioneers needed.

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