Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2015

Home~by Britta Hoffmann




Somehow I’ve never felt at home anywhere
just as if I didn’t really belong there
no matter where I used to be
somehow it never felt right for me

restless I was looking for a place
where I felt that I belong
but it turned out that I was wrong
for me this was not at all the case

it is not important where I live
it doesn’t matter what I do
a home is nothing a worldly place can give
but I didn’t know until I met you

you let me be who I am inside
with nothing that I have to hide
there is no need to pretend
or anything for which I need to defend

you let me do whatever I feel
and do whatever I feel I need to
you give me a feeling that I never knew
and slowly help my wounds to heal

so I know now where I should stay
I miss you when we are apart
with you I feel I’m on my way
please forgive I have to say
home for me is just inside you heart

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