Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 19, 2015

Peace~by Melvina Germain




Imagine peace… the essence of serenity.

The pleasing joy of quiet nerves.

Soft pleasures soothe the path we walk.

Fearless in the happiness of tranquil thought.

No violence…No name calling or destruction.

We ride that glorious train of har-mon-y,

paying attention to smiling faces looking back

at us, with the widest smiles for all to see.

This is what we thrive for, this is what we pray

day and night for, yes this is what our family, our

friends have died for.  Perhaps one day our youth

will show us how to open that door, when all have

abolished the act of war.

Written by:  Melvina Germain

Date:          Jan. 18/2015

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