Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 25, 2015





Fills the envelope of my empty heart
Sealing it with a sweet gentle kiss
The impression of your tender lips
Now stamped here within my soul,
Hand delivered there by your love…

No place of his weary heart untouched,
The bounty of your love seems endless,
Dispelling the dark memories
Casting them away with a mere touch,
No, with the mere thought of your touch.
Want so easily found there…

Finding needs once thought silent.
Expelling the desires of passion hidden within
Spilling over into cupped hands.
Now holding the pieces of my heart
Filling my soul once again.
Opening up this heart,
Unlocking what is written within my soul…

Breathing warmth and more
Into the dark stillness of the night.
There is the warmth of your touch,
There is the sweetness of your kiss.
Embossed into our souls
Forever kept alive in this hand delivered
Package that opens a new beginning,
Of a love once thought lost.
Dispelling the dark memories
Replaced now with just your mere touch!
It is here I find you once again
Filling the envelope of my empty heart
With passion of an enduring love,
Leaving me once again with
The want-the need
Of just your mere touch!

(C) Eva Marie Dunlap ( Cagley)
& Richard J. Huggins

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