Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2015

Daily missive for Monday the 26th of January. Sleepless stasis~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 26th of January.
Sleepless stasis

There is cold comfort
In this blanket,
As it falls down,
Heavy and thick,
With a density
That is suffocating.
Choking even
The merest hint
Of pleasure.
It billows,
A grey cloud,
An envelope,
It becomes
Fully enclosed,
Folded up,
Sealed and
Vacuum packed.
A living thing,
Buried alive?
The jury is still out.

Limply hung,
Tightly held.
Weighted down,
A flaccid body
Thrown in a lake,
Sinking deeper.
Carried by the tide,
Covered in weeds,
And beached
Like rotting wood.
Barely noticed,
As it drifts and bobs
At the water’s edge.
With little resistance
Against the pull,
It ebbs and flows,
In the shallows,
Blending into shadow.
Sinking in the deep.
Never waking
From its sleep,
And endless
An eternal grief,
That lies between
Each and every breath,
And the shroud
Thrown about
This life’s weary

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