Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2015

Gone are the days~by Raymond Chifundo Magangani



Gone are the days

When girls used to cook like their mothers
Before they start getting drunk
More than their fathers
In those days I tell you
Virgins were plenty plus
And you could wait
Until the fully graduate
Into womanhood
But these days
they are easily catched and smatched
Like mosquitoes

Gone are the days
When love could not cost a thing
It was too blind to see
Looks and riches
Were not considered It was just natural
Deeper than the sea
But these days
Love has regained its sight
It is no longer that blind
People are used instead of being loved
And things are loved instead of being used

Gone are the days
When marriages could last for a life time
And rings on couples fingers could serve
As an answer to the question
“Are you already taken?”
But look these days!
The hide their rings in disguise
To haul attention
And those who are single put on the rings
In the name of fashion

Gone! Gone! are the days
When the world still had its innocence

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