Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2015

Money…~by Britta Hoffmann




Some people may think they can buy everything
so basically they don’t need to stick to rules
they could get anyone to accepting
but I feel they really are fools

I admit there is a lot that money can buy
even if the price at times is high
but still – not everything has a price
and to still insist on it is not really nice

I know many things that are worth fighting for
but the most important things just can’t be bought
you can’t buy the things because they are worth much more
sometimes they’ll know what they got is worth less than they thought

the really important things in life are priceless
as I have to honestly confess
and you can’t buy them – they need to be earned
these are things for which I all my life have yearned

I would rather like them to be appreciated more
because not everyone and everything can be taken for granted
I know I have often said this kind of thing before
but if you don’t pay respect some time you might earn what you planted

and you’ll never know where it is coming from
it is from either side that the blow might come
because you are just proud and too blind to see
just because there was no respect for the way it should be

just learn that money is not important at all
that there are things that with money you can’t get
and these things might be able to make you fall
and maybe your fall might be deeper than you might bet

be humble and try to feel respect
and you will see – it is quite easy to connect
this is what I am thinking of
just let your life be reigned by love

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