Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2015

Tankas~by Alfonso Martínez Pretel




Oh, God, what happens
When you have got so Orchard
Plenty of love fruits,
But time allows that they rot
Before giving their sweetness?

Oh, God, you told us
That our greatest commandment
Was loving others.
However, life sometimes leaves
Three of soul without picking.

There ‘ s people longing
For sharing peaches of good,
Peel them lovingly
And then feed the hungry bliss
Of the adequate lone heart.

What is lovable
Is keeping the branches filled
Of tasty feelings
Which never perish wormy
For the distress of delay.

( Oh, God, what happens
When you have an Orchard
Abundant in the fruits of love,
But the time, it is possible to pudran
Before you give her sweetness?

Oh my God, we are told
That is our greatest commandment
It was to love each other.
However, the life sometimes leaves
Trees of the soul without a pick up.

There are people anhelando
Sharing peaches well,
Pelarlos amorosamente
And then feed the hungry happiness
The good heart lonely.

What is adorable
It is to maintain the branches loading
For snacks feelings
Never to take a lose agusanados
For the grief of the tardy.)

( filling bowls )

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