Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 1, 2015

Excerpts from……”My Experience…..With, Truth” Self Knowledge……~by Chiranjeevi Gandikota



Excerpts from……”My Experience…..With, Truth”

Self Knowledge……

Contemplation, upon Oneself
Is an instruction, to look
Beyond,Veils of Impressions
To Realize, ‘Union with Source’.

Realization is Temporary
Liberation is Eternal
For this to happen….
Consistent immersion, in god, Essential.

Follower, has the Right to Choose
The choice, determines his Nature
Impressions generated, in the process
Makes or Breaks the Individual.

Between, the Source and the Seeker
There is no mediator
One who intervenes
will be dealt, strongly, by the Annihilator

That; which, comes from
Merges, with the Source
Happens as it, undergoes
Detachment, through Attachment.

Attachment, paves way to Karma
Karma becomes Sanskara
Till the Sanskara, exists
Birth and Death Cycle Continues…

What we see, in Others
Is our own, Reflection
So, try not to Analyze…..
Instead learn, to know, Your Own Self.

Knowledge of the Self
Dips you in, TOTAL BLISS

As the Understanding, I’m Nothing
But, Just, A Witness Conscious; Strikes Upon
A Berth is Assured, at the Lotus Feet of the LORD……

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