Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 1, 2015

La Luz~by Indigo Poetess



La Luz

Haven’t you heard ?
I lost my way whilst on the path
There is a light
Where is the light ?
My soul is wracked with grief
I am stabbed with a thousand pains
Lonliness has come to visit
Unhappiness has trod my way
What happened ?
That is a good question.
I blinked and lost my footing
Friend I was told
When I am strong I am weak
When I am weak I am strong
Neither one seems to make sense
As these thoughts
they tumble around my head
jagged thoughts of what’s ahead
where is justice ?
where is wisdom?
Where is power ?
Where is love ?
Now is when I need you all most

Friend I whisper to myself
Settle your thoughts
Sit quietly
Life is not fair
Not fair in the least
I ask myself why
I answer “why not me ? “
Am I so special ?
Am I invinceable ?
Does the human condition
Pass by my door ?
Suffering from the past
Suffering in the present
Known Suffering in my future
My friend
Once again
I must find my light
The little flicker
That does not shine so bright
Perhaps on this path
With my flickering light
My step will be less painful
I seem to have forgotten my shoes
© 2014 Indigo Poetess

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