Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 2, 2015

“Love song”~by Eddie Pop



“Love song”

I know not how to tell you,
That I am in love,
That I want to love.
The thing is I just fell through;
Despite the warning,
I didn’t see’t coming.
I might have slipped on the snow;
I do not know how,
But it’s too late now.
My mind sees you in a row;
I just hear that song,
A tune I can’t sing.
It plays again and again,
Echoing your name,
On love with no shame.
It is driving me insane;
I can’t turn it off,
I can’t run it off.
I know you are my best friend;
Love isn’t what we said,
When we vowed our bond.
I don’t want to lose a friend;
I just want more than,
Things we had back then.
I crave to have more of you;
Your lips, your touches,
Your skin, your kisses.

I want to build things with you,
To be a father,
Where you’re a mother.
I know all this sounds just lame,
But this’s how I feel;
I love you for real.
I’ll not let your heart get maimed;
I’ve waited too long,
You’re where I belong.
I wish I could sing that song;
It says everything,
I couldn’t say in thing.
Now I just have to be strong;
I’m not scared of love,
It’s time I face love.
Love me or not, I just fell;
For your face, your eyes,
I fell from my skies.
I’m in love, I have to tell;
You’re the one I want,
You’re my secret wont.
Sorry if I’m ruining things;
I want a story,
One with no worry.
I just love you, this’s the thing.

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