Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 2, 2015

The Voice of Truth~by Mac Adrone Adonay



The Voice of Truth

Again I say, I am not acting rude
To you, I’m trying to be kind and nice
Yet you stare at me in your flaming eyes
Treating me as evil, hater of good

Let me finish first before you conclude
Take heed and listen to me word by word
That my clear statements may not come absurd
There are things that can be misunderstood

If I tell the truth, then I’ll be your foe?
Wake up from oblivion, be not deceived
The truth hurts and that’s the thing you must know
I am your true friend, why you don’t believe?

How long you will remain quiet and blind?
When things are broken, there is no rewind.

Rhyme scheme: abba acca dede ff
Sonnet type: William Wordsworth

© Mac Adrone T. Adonay

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