Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 3, 2015

Sweet dreams~by Hela Tekali



Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams, form a full beam
o’er my lovely , pleasant stream
sweet dreams of a sparkling star
brightly shining in the sky from afar

Sweet sleep, with a soft bliss
rosy cheeks show a gentle kiss
sweet sleep, angel wide
Hover o’er my happy child!

sweet smile, in the sunlight
hover o’er my delight
sweet smile, mother’s love
Kindly sent by the providence from above

sleep , sleep, merry child
sweet dreams are by your side
sleep, sleep happy moon,
there’s no room for pain to moan

Sweet babe, angel face
Holy image filled with grace
sweet babe , with blissful trace
i wish your innocent purity i could embrace

Wept for me , for you ,for all
when you were afraid either to stumble or fall
though in your image i ever see
when heavenly face smiles on thee

smiled on me, on you , on all
while for love you made your urgent call
though in your smile i ever see
when heaven and earth peacefully look at thee
they have together
since the beginning of time
side by side,
step by step,
serenely followed thee

Written by JENAYAH HELA ( inspired by William Wordsworth ” the song”)

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