Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 4, 2015

“A Lost Angel” (2013)~by Angela Black



“A Lost Angel” (2013)

The smiling sky is the source of my rejoice,
And when crying it deprives me from choice.
Forsaking the greenness is hard, but when dreaming
I’ll always remember the pure water streaming.
Alas! Staying is harder. I may stay unless
Nightmares keep visiting me and spoiling my slumber.
I’ll always remember the sweetness of September
And the summer nights in here. Spring
Is always my favorite and the birds that sing.
I wish I had wings to come back when I
Feel nostalgic, and to my dear home I fly.
Should I follow my heart or listen to reason?
My heart trapped me before and I lost to treason.
It neither can be trusted nor followed for its weakness
Lies in its sensibility, humility, and softness.
Reason tells me to leave the nest and fly,
For in every land there is water, greenness and the sky.
I’ll see the moon from anywhere on earth and I’ll
Enjoy the night with moonlight cast on me while
Dreaming of the old days, of home…

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