Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 4, 2015

FAREWELL~by Saroj Padhi




WE meet now in the semi darkness of our minds
with our foot prints etched on its cobbled floor
that silently blush as we open the closed door
reviving memory of a past where once our souls
whispered some enchanting words to each other
in the language of eloquent lotus in the pond
as the swans nearby kept listening
with their occasional trumpets at our open secrets.

I have lost track of many more things we did
big and small ,
so might have you too ,
but I remember how restlessly I searched for that black speck
troubling my image in pool of your windy eyes
where I saw love glistening
and how much concernedly you licked my finger when it was
found bleeding
torn a little by a thorn as we sat near the bushes
with heady fragrances so exciting
and with a bushlark, about new Spring listlessly singing !

Today as we part, the sparkle of a few drops in the river of your eyes
echoes fluently words about a desired union
but they are all pronounced so silently
across their banks in whispers of the reeds of your dark brows
that shelter the clouds of parting love ready to burst into rain ;
today in this semi darkness of our farewell meeting
let us have a dance in tune with falling leaves’ rain
and forget all about parting’s killing pain .

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi , 04/02/15

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