Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 4, 2015

MENTAL GEOGRAPHY~by Indigo Poetess




I Want To Study Your Thoughts
Through Communications By Way Of Your Soul
Through Your Beautiful Words
If Time Allots I Want To Come Across
That Which Makes You Intellectual
To Understand Your Complex Emotions
Personality Traits
To Understand What Makes You Click
Living On Planet Earth
This Is Relevant
Actions Speak More Clearly Than Words
Than Even The Most Articulate Diction With
Subtle Quiecent Eloquence
I Am Hopefully Hoping
I Can Fully Grasp What Makes You Revolve
Such As The Moon
To The Earth
You And I Are People Who Go Back And Forth
With The Unconventional
Going Through Reprimanded Internal Turmoil
Enlightenment Available But The Mind Defers
Quickly Without Hesitation
Refreshingly Rapidly Refined
Nomenclature Defined
As Subliminal Emotions Are Evoked
Perusing Purposeful Minds
More Inclined To Create And Design
A Landmark Discussion
While Piously Inclined

I Search For You
Till The Day I Reach
My Highest Point Of Development
Prisms That Which Can Bend Light To Show All Colors Of Light
Secretly Secreting Schisms Of Light
Charismatically And Quite Emphatically
Creating Characters Much More Than Spontaneously Sporadically
Organically Induced
An Introduction Of Selves
Trepidation Flees Us
As We Engage
In Intellectual Communication
Revealing A Plethora
Of Your Intellectual Geographic Topography
Dichotomies Do Not Exist
Yet Here I Remain
Never With The Mundane
Obtaining Peace Of Mind
That Dwells Within You

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